Marco Malavolta

Department of Gerontology
Italian Institute for health and Science on Ageing (INRCA)
Journal Associated: Archive of Gerontology and Geriatrics Research Biography:

Dr. Malavolta started his experience in biogerontology in 2001 working in mathematical modelling of the aging process, under the guidance of Dr. Lucio Piantanelli at INRCA, and achieved the PhD in “Nutrition and Health” at the University of Ancona. He continued his work in the field of biogerontology at INRCA focusing on mechanisms of aging and rejuvenation research (Dr. Mocchegiani group). He deeply contributed to improve the knowledge on the role of zinc and metallothioneins in longevity and provided the first evidence that constitutive overexpression of metallothioneins extend the lifespan of mice.  He is currently working and planning strategies to target basic aging mechanisms, including cellular senescence, with the aim to prevent, halt, or reverse diseases of aging.

Research Interest: Biogerontology, Rejuvenation Research, Cellular Senescence. 


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