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    Aims and Scope

    Forensic Science Today is an open-access scientific journal which aims to publish peer-reviewed research articles, case reports and short communications focused on current advancements in the field of forensic science and criminology. FST is an important and reliable source of advanced information on developments in the field with an emphasis on publishing quality research articles rapidly and freely available to researchers worldwide.

    Classification of Forensic Science Today
    • Forensic DNA fingerprinting
    • Forensic Medicine
    • Forensic Toxicology
    • Forensic Psychology
    • Forensic Entomology
    • Forensic Anthropology
    • Forensic Genetics
    • Forensic Pathology
    • Forensic Chemistry
    • Crime Scene Investigation
    • Cyber Forensics
    • Bite-mark Evidence
    • Battered Child Syndrome
    • Questioned Documents
    • Ballistics
    • Projectiles and Wounds
    • Fingerprints and Identification
    • Tool Marks
    • Contact Traces
    • Poisoning
    • Breath Analyzers
    • Accident Investigation and Mass Disasters
    • Forensic Archaeology
    • Forensic Odontology
    • Forensic Biology
    • Forensic Osteology
    • Forensic Psychiatry
    • Ballistics
    • Ballistic Fingerprinting
    • Body Identification
    • Fingerprint Identification
    • Forensic Accounting
    • Forensic Arts
    • Forensic Footwear Evidence
    • Forensic Toxicology
    • Gloveprint Analysis
    • Palmprint Analysis
    • Vein Matching
    • Computer Forensics
    • Forensic Data Analysis
    • Database Forensics Mobile Device Forensics Network Forensics
    • Forensic Video
    • Forensic Audio
    • Forensic Engineering Forensic Linguistics
    • Forensic Materials Engineering Forensic Polymer Engineering Forensic Statistics
    • Forensic Taphonomy
    • Jurisprudence
    • Physical Anthropology
    • Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
    • Computational Approaches to Digital Crime Preventions Computer Virology
    • Crime Scene Imaging
    • Criminal Investigative Criteria and Standard of Procedure on Computer Crime
    • Cryptological Techniques and Tools for Crime Investigation
    • Data Carving and Recovery
    • Digital Document Examination
    • Digital Evidence
    • Digital Signal Processing Rechniques for Crime Investigations
    • Identity Theft and Biometrics
    • Information Warfare
    • Machine Learning
    • Data Mining and Information Retrieval for Crime Prevention and Forensics
    • Malicious Codes
    • Network Access Control and Intrusion Detection
    • Policy
    • Standards
    • Protocols
    • Accreditation
    • Certification and Ethical Issues related to Digital Crime and Forensics
    • Practical Case Studies and Reports
    • Legislative Developments, and Limitations
    • Law Enforcement
    • Small Digital Device Forensics (cell phones, smartphone, PDAs, audio/video devices, cameras, flash drives, gaming devices, GPS devices, etc.)
    • Steganography and Steganalysis
    • Terrorism Knowledge Portals and Databases
    • Terrorism Related Analytical Methodologies and Software Tools
    • Terrorist Incident Chronology Databases
    • Watermarking for Digital Forensics
    • Forensic Cases from the Past
    • Dental Forensics
    • Food Forensics
    • Pharmacology Forensics


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