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    Editorial Board

    Marc Romina Alina
    PhD Eng., Lecturer
    Food engineering
    University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca

    Marc (maiden name Vlaic) Romina Alina has completed her Ph.D. (Agronomy) in 2015 at the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine (UASVM) of Cluj-Napoca (Romania). She is PhD Eng., Lecturer and she is responsible for the research activity in the Vegetable food quality control, Rheology in the food industry,  Quality management systems and Food safety of the Faculty of Food Science and Technology,  UASVM Cluj-Napoca. She has published 36 research articles on the development of innovative food products and bioactive compound traceability during processing in reputed journals. She was responsible for 7 research projects and won 2 national awards and 42 international awards. Member in professional associations: Slow Food International; Association of Food Industry Specialists in Romania (ASIAR), from education, research and production; Association of Specialists in Milling and Baking in Romania.

    Research Interest : Nutrition, Food safety, Biotechnology, Food chemistry, Sensory analysis, Molecular biology, Genetically modified foods, Organic food, Functional food, Innovative food

    Grants :

    •   Proiect PN-III-P1-1.1-MC-2019-1170, Contract de cercetare 237 CI/2019 (Noiembrie 2019), Subprogram 1.1 - Human resources - Mobility projects for researchers, Competition 2019

    •  PN-III-P1-1.1-MC-2018-0285 project, Research contract 31 CI / 2018 (November 2018), Subprogram 1.1 - Human resources - Mobility projects for researchers, Competition 2018

    •  PN-III-P1-1.1-MC-2017-0990 project, Research contract 181 CI / 2017 (March 2018), Subprogram 1.1 - Human resources - Mobility projects for researchers, Competition 2018

    •  PN-III-P2-2.1-CI-2018-1352 project, research contract 232 CI / 2018 (July - December 2018): Innovative menus for preschoolers

    •  PN-III-P2-2.1-CI-2018-1428 project, Research contract 245 CI / 2018 (September - December 2018): Innovative confectionery

    •  Project PN-III-P2-2.1-CI-2018-0722, Research contract 141 CI / 2017 (September 2017 - December 2018): Higher use of flour from hemp seeds, nettle seeds and mushrooms in order to obtain assortments innovative bakery by fortifying them

    •  Project PN-III-P2-2.1-CI-2017-0331, Research contract 57 CI / 2017 (July - December 2017): Higher capitalization of lentil flour in order to obtain innovative meat preparations by fortifying them

    •  PN-III-P2-2.1-CI-2017-0786 project, Research contract no. 133CI (September 2017 - March 2018): Bioconversion of fruits resulting from physiological falls into compositions rich in biologically active principles

    •  PN-III-P2-2.1-CI-2017-0766 project, Research contract no. 138CI (September 2017 - March 2018): Innovative approach to the technology of manufacturing aerated sugar products by optimizing the composition links - process parameters - texture - stability

    •  PN-III-P2-2.1-CI-2017-0960 project, Research contract no. 161CI (July - December 2018): Innovative ingredients used to make cheese

    •  PN-III-P2-2.1-CI-2017-1367 project, Research contract no. 236CI / 2018 (July - December 2018): Innovative culinary concept for reformulating personalized menus with high nutritional value

    •  PN-III-P2-2.1-CI-2017-1047 project, Research contract no. 181CI / 2018 (July - December 2018):
    Flour-based nutritional sticks compositions from seed-dried seeds from cucurbitaceae, asteraceae and amaranthaceae families

    •  Project PN-III-P2-2.1-CI-2017-0343, Research contract no. no. 58CI / 2017 (July - December 2017): Fortified innovative meat preparations

    • Project PN-II-IN-CI -2013 -1- 0048, Research contract no 186CI / 2013 (October 2013 - April 2014): Technology for obtaining a functional mustard assortment with extract from medicinal plants

    URL :

    List of Publications :

    Publications ISI web of science

    1.R.A. Vlaic, A., E. Mureşan, C.C. Mureşan, G.S. Petruţ, V. Mureşan, S. Muste, 2018. Quantitative Analysis by HPLC and FT-MIR Prediction of Individual Sugars from the Plum Fruit Harvested during Growth and Fruit Development, Agronomy 2018, 8, 306; doi:10.3390/agronomy8120306, IF 1.419, Q1 red area. WOS:000454722400034/  doi:10.3390/agronomy8120306

    2. R.A. Vlaic, S.A. Socaci, A.E. Mureșan, C. Mureșan, O.P. Moldovan, S. Muste,  V. Mureșan, 2017, Bioactive Compounds and Volatile Profile Dynamics During Fruit Growth of Several Plums Cultivars, J. Agr. Sci. Tech. Vol. 19: 1565-1576, IF 0.813, Q2 yellow area. WOS:000424077200011/ URL:

    3.  R.A. Vlaic, V. Mureşan, A.E. Mureşan, C.C. Mureşan, A. Păucean, V. Mitre, S.M. Chiş, S. Muste, 2018. The Changes of Polyphenols, Flavonoids, Anthocyanins and Chlorophyll Content in Plum Peels during Growth Phases: from Fructification to Ripening, Not Bot Horti Agrobo, 2018, 46(1):148-155, IF 0.648. WOS:000418033200020/

    4. A.E. Mureşan, S. Muste, R.A. Vlaic, O. Bobiş, C. Mureşan, C. Socaciu, Mureşan V., 2015, HPLC Determination and FT-MIR Prediction of Sugars from Juices of Different Apple Cultivars during Fruit Development, Not Bot Horti Agrobo, 43(1):222-228, IF 0.547. WOS:000357000600034/ DOI:

    5. M.S Chiș., A. Păucean, L. Stan, V. Mureșan, R.A. Vlaic, S. Man , Biriș-Dorhoi E.S., S. Muste, 2018. Lactobacillus plantarum ATCC 8014 in quinoa sourdough adaptability and antioxidant potential, Romanian Biotechnological Letters, 23(3), 13581-13591, IF 0.412. WOS:000438498900004

    6. M.D. Borș, C.A. Semeniuc, S. Socaci, R. Vlaic, O.P. Moldovan, A.V. Pop, M. Tofană, 2017, The influence of variety and processing on the total phenolic content and antioxidant activity of mustard, Romanian Biotechnological Letters 22(3):12514-12519, IF: 0.396. WOS:000408423600018

    7. E.A. Mureşan, S. Muste, C.C. Mureşan, E. Mudura, A. Păucean, L. Stan, R.A. Vlaic, C.G. Cerbu, V.Mureşan, 2017, Assessment of Polyphenols, Chlorophylls, and Carotenoids during Developmental Phases of Three Apple Varieties, Romanian Biotechnological Letters 22(3): 12546-12553, IF: 0.396. WOS:000404459100006

    8. C.C. Mureşan, A.Fărcaş, S. Man, R. Suharoschi, R.A. Vlaic*, 2017, Obtaining a Functional Product Through the Exploitation of Mushroom Flour in Pasta, Bulletin of University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca: Food Science and Technology 74(1):14-22 IF 0.00. WOS:000408457100003/ DOI: 10.15835/buasvmcn-fst:12641

    9. R.A. Vlaic, C.C. Mureşan, S. Muste, V. Mureşan, A. Pop, G. Petruţ, A. Mureşan, 2019, Boletus Edulis Mushroom Flour-Based Wheat Bread as Innovative Fortified Bakery Product, Bulletin of University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca-Food Science and Technology 76(1): 46-56, IF 0.00, WOS:000470756300006,

    DOI: 10.15835/buasvmcn-fst:2018.0022

    10. A.E. Mureşan, S. Muste, G. Petruţ, R.A. Vlaic, S.M. Man, V. Muresan, 2016, New uses of hawthorn fruits in tonic wines technology, Bulletin UASVM Food Science and Technology 73(2): 117-122. WOS:000408454100010

    11. Racolţa E., E.A. Mureșan, A. Borșa, R.A. Vlaic, V. Mureșan, 2016, Ultra-Fine Friction Grinding of Sunflower Kernels – Thereof Tahini and Halva Production and Rheological Characterization, Bulletin of University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca: Food Science and Technology, 73(2):167-168. WOS:000408454100025

    12. E.A. Muresan, S. Muste, S.M. Man, R.A. Vlaic, A. Pop, V.Muresan, 2016, Assesment of the total antioxidant capacity of apples peels during phisiological falls, Bulletin UASVM Food Science and Technology 73(2): 169-170. WOS:000408454100026

    13. M.D. Borş, C.A. Semeniuc, S. Socaci, L. Varva, O. Moldovan, R.A. Vlaic, M. Tofana, 2015, Total Phenolic Content and Antioxidant Capacity of Radish as Influenced by the Variety and Vegetative Stage, Bulletin of University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca-Food Science and Technology. WOS:000422190500011

    14. A.V Pop, M. Tofană, S.A Socaci, M. Nagy, M.D. Borş, L. Salanţă, R. Vlaic, 2015, Studies on Total Polyphenols Content and Antioxidant Activity of Methanolic Extracts from Selected Salvia Species, Bulletin of University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca. Food Science and Technology 72 (1): 86-90. WOS:000422190500013

    15. E.A. Mureşan, S. Muste, R.A. Vlaic, C.C. Mureşan, C.G. Cerbu, V. Mureşan, 2015, The Dynamics of Starch and Total Sugars during Fruit Development for Ionathan, Starkrimson and Golden Delicious Apple Varieties, Bulletin of University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca. Food Science and Technology 72 (1): 120-126. WOS:000422190500019

    16. Moldovan O., A. Păucean, R. Vlaic, M.D. Borş, S. Muste, 2015, Preliminary Assessment of the Nutritional Quality of two Types of Lentils (Lens Culinaris) by Near Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy Technology (Nirs), Bulletin of University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca,  Food Science and Technology 72 (1):127-132. WOS:000422190500020

    17. C. Pop, R. Vlaic, A. Fărcaş, L. Salanţă, D. Ghicăşan, C. Semeniuc, A. M Rotar, 2015, Influence of Pollen, Chia Seeds and Cranberries Addition on the Physical and Probiotics Characteristics of Yogurt, Bulletin of University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca. Food Science and Technology 72 (1): 141-142, WOS:000422190500025

    18. Vlaic R.A., A.E. Mureșan, V. Mureșan, C. Mureșan, D. Borș, O. P. Moldovan, S. Muste, 2015, Determination of Starch Changes During Growth and Development of Three Plum Varieties, Bulletin UASVM Food Science and Technology 72(2), WOS:000422194100022

    More Info.
    Prem Raj Shakya
    Department of Biochemistry
    Patan Academy of Health Sciences

    Research Interest: Clinical Biochemistry, Nutrition, Cancer, Exercise Metabolism, Metabolic disorders, Bio signalling, Community based Research, Immunological basis of disease

    More Info.
    Guobao Song
    Associate Professor
    School of Environmental Science and Technology
    Dalian University of Technology
    Biography: I am interested in ecological and social vulnerability in the context of climate change, and what environmental policy maximizes greenhouse gases emission, reduce vulnerability and improve adaption capacity. To assess vulnerability and generate effective policy, I use multiple technologies, such as GIS, remote sensing, uncertainty optimization, Bayesian modelling and statistic method. Multi-disciplinary studies of eco-vulnerability assessment, eco-corridor planning, population simulation, optimal uses of crop straw, food consumption and malaria risk associated with climate change have been conducted. The overall goal of my research is to provide the necessary and quantitative understanding on the impact of climate change and support reliable decision makings on climate mitigation and adaptation.
    More Info.
    Chao Zhang
    Associate Professor
    Beijing Vegetable Research Center
    Beijing Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences

    Research Interest: Functional ingredients in Food Phytochemistry, such as the polyphenol, anthocyanin, lycopene, and resveratrol, has presented the antioxidant and many other biologic activities. The enrichment, functionality and application of the anthocyanin and lycopene have been our focus for more than twenty years.New technologies in Food. Application of new technologies will give a solution for current problem in food. We have focus on the ultra high pressure treatment in the pork and vegetable. The quality and shelf life of the product were changed. The proper parameter of the high pressure treatment will be a key to enhance the quality of the food. Energy saving technology in food processing. Drying is a traditional technology for a long time. Energy saving and better quality are the two main melodies in the drying technology. The combination of heat pump and some other technology will give a way for the better efficiency and better quality of products.

    More Info.
    Pedro Jose Gonzalez Matarin
    Department of Physical Education
    University of Almería

    Research Interest: Programming Health, Physical Activity, and Nutrition in all Ages and Different Physiological Situations Preferently in Postmenopausal Women and Elderly Men. He has Special Interest in Women in Climateric Phase and Men and Women with Diseases Due Aging Such as Sarcopenia, Cancer, Osteoporosis, Alzheimer, Physical Disability Also Your Interest is in Exercise Physiology, Healthly Lifestyle, Obesity And Menopause with Associated Factors.

    More Info.
    Xueqiang Zha
    School of Biotechnology and Food Engineering
    Hefei University of Technology

    Research Interest: The Functions of food components. Molecular mechanisms underlying the function of food components. The theory and method of extraction and separation for food components.

    More Info.
    Ji-Hyun Bae
    Department of Food Sciences and Nutrition
    Keimyung University
    South Korea


    Education and Training:

    •    BS, Food Science and Nutrition, Ewha Womens University, Seoul, Korea

    •    MS, Food Science and Nutrition, Ewha Womens University, Seoul, Korea

    •    Ph.D., Food Science, Pennsylvania State University, USA

    •    Postdoctoral Research Associate, Division of Microbiology, Cornell University, USA

    •    Visiting Professor of Pediatrics - Harvard Medical School/Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA, USA


    1.    Bae, J.H. Tripartite genetic association between polygenetic risk scores for sweet taste preference, obesity, and sex. 2022 The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (in review)

    2.    Bae, J.H., Park, D. J. Effect of dietary calcium on the gender-specific association between polymorphisms in the PTPRD locus and osteoporosis. 2022 Clinical Nutrition (in press).

    3.    Heo, H. J. Bae, J.H. Amano, A. Park, T. Choi, Y.H. Supplemental or dietary intake of omega-3 fatty acids for the treatment of periodontitis: A meta–analysis 2022  Journal of Clinical Periodontology (in press)

    4.    Bae, J.H., Lee, H. R. The effect of diet, exercise, and lifestyle intervention on childhood obesity: A network meta-analysis. 2021 Clinical Nutrition 3062 – 3072.

    5.    Bae, J.H., Choi, J. H. Gender disparities in childhood obesity and household food insecurity. 2021 Nutrition 87-88.

    6.    Bae, J.H., Ha, E. Y. Zinc transporter SLC39A11 polymorphisms are associated with chronic gastritis in the Korean population: the possible effect on spicy food intake. 2018 Nutrition Research. 78-85.

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    10.    Bae, J.H., Park, S. Probiotics for weight Loss: a systematic review and meta-analysis, 2015,
        Nutrition Research, 566-575 doi:10.1016/j.nutres.2015.05.008

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    16.    Bae, J.H. Effects of Ganoderma lucidum on the IL-1, TNF and IL-12 gene expression of macrophage, J. Korean Soc. Food Sci. Nutr., 26(5), 978-982

    17.    Bae, J.H. Effect of White Ginseng on the function of mouse peritoneal macrophages and their gene expression, J. Korean Soc. Food Sci. Nutr., 26(6), 1252-1257

    18.    Bae, J.H. et al. Development of the functional beverage containing the Prunus mume extracts, Korean J. Food Sci. Technol., 32(3), 713-719

    More Info.
    Xia Yong-Mei
    State Key Laboratory of Food Science and Technology
    Jiangnan University

    Research Interest: Functional carbohydrates, Enzymatic synthesis.

    More Info.
    Anna Lesniewicz
    Faculty of Chemistry
    Wrocław University of Technology

    Research Interest: Atomic Spectrometry, Food Analysis, Nutrition, Micronutrients, Trace Elements

    More Info.
    Eugenia Bezirtzoglou
    Department of MicroBiology
    University of Thrace

    Study of normal fecal flora in adults and newborns and influence parameters in the colonization process

    More Info.
    Wenjiao Fan
    Associate Professor
    Department of Food Science
    Sichuan Tourism University

    Research Interest: Food chemistry, Food Analysis Science, Natural Products Chemistry.  

    More Info.
    Zehra GULER
    Department of Food Engineering
    Mustafa Kemal University Hatay

    Research Interest: Milk and Dairy Products Science & Technology Chromatographic Analysis Techniques in Foods Volatile Compound Analysis in Fruits

    More Info.
    Rakesh Jaiswal
    Manager R&D
    Unilever Ltd

    Research Interest: Food chemistry; Flavour chemistry; Taste, flavor and Aroma

    More Info.
    Byeong-Churl Jang
    Associate Professor
    Department of Molecular Medicine
    Keimyung University
    South Korea

    Research Interest: Screening/elucidation of action mechanism of functional foods and nutrients with anti-cancer, anti-inflammation, anti-obesity and/or anti-diabetes activity Regulation of disease-related gene expression. Regulation of adipocyte differentiation (adipogenesis) Regulation pancreatic. cell growth and activity,Apoptosis and autophagy

    More Info.
    Roberto Consonni
    National Council of Research
    Institute for Macromolecular Studies, NMR Laboratory

    Multidimensional and multinuclear (1H, 13C, 15N, 31P) high resolution NMR

    spectroscopy, micro imaging NMR

    Structural characterization of peptides, proteins and isotopically labeled proteins in

    solution: NMR spectroscopy and molecular dynamics calculations

    l Structural characterization of small molecules in solution, synthetic and natural

    polymers, molecular complexes

    More Info.
    View more

    Review on the prevalence and economic importance of camel tuberculosis in Ethiopia

    DOI Logo 10.17352/jfsnt.000040

    Published On: December 01, 2022 | Pages: 048 - 053

    Author(s): Merga Firdisa Duguma*

    ORCID Logo  0000-0002-2003-879X

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    Brown fat and a short circuit make warm and slim

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    Overview of Foodborne viruses: Important viruses, outbreaks, health concerns, food Handling and fresh produce

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    Author(s): Sahar Abd Al-Daim*

    ORCID Logo  0000-0002-5591-6994

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    Potential health risk estimation of naturally occurring radionuclides intake due to the consumption of seafood around Coastal zone

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    Published On: September 20, 2022 | Pages: 028 - 037

    Author(s): Kumar Pandion and Kantha Deivi Arunachalam*
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    Health effects of organic farming, review of literature since 2005-Revision

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    Published On: September 06, 2022 | Pages: 026 - 027

    Author(s): Maria Groot*
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    Monkey menace in Kwa Vonza/Yatta Ward, Kitui County, Kenya: Threat to food and nutrition security and sustainable livelihoods

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    Published On: September 02, 2022 | Pages: 018 - 025

    Author(s): Sylvester K Mutavi*
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    The nutrition and life-style of mothers from industrial and nonindustrial regions related to their economic situation

    DOI Logo 10.17352/jfsnt.000034

    Published On: August 13, 2022 | Pages: 014 - 017

    Author(s): Ingrid Baloun, Olga Dvorackova, Simona Simkova and Radim J Sram*
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    Vitamin D and safe journey

    DOI Logo 10.17352/jfsnt.000033

    Published On: March 26, 2022 | Pages: 011 - 013

    Author(s): Shamim Shakiba and Mehrdad Shakiba*
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    Effects of Extraction Temperature and Particle Size on Quality of Edible Oil from Podocarpus Falcatus Seed by Aqueous Method, Ethiopia

    DOI Logo 10.17352/jfsnt.000032

    Published On: March 25, 2022 | Pages: 006 - 010

    Author(s): Daniel Alemu Goben*, Solomon Abera, Anbesse Girma Shewa and Sisay Feleke
    Abstract View Full Article View    

    Biochemical applications and application of indicators in blood and lymph after a new feed additive based on bentonite

    DOI Logo 10.17352/jfsnt.000031

    Published On: February 02, 2022 | Pages: 001 - 005

    Author(s): Demchenko GA*, Makashev EK, Bachtiyarova ShK, Abdreshov SN and Koibasova LU
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