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    Xiaojie Yang
    Texas Tech University

    Research Interest: Plant molecular breeding; Plant molecular biology of enviromental stresses; Plant heterosis utilization

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    Damiana Pieragostino
    University of Chieti-Pescara

    Research Interest: The research of interest was mainly directed towards the field of proteomics and metabolomics in neurodegenerative diseases. In particular, it is focused on the identification and characterization of proteins, lipids and metabolites involved in pathophysiological processes both for diagnostic purposes and pathogenic understanding, in order to dissect the biochemical processes involved in the diseases onset and progression.

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    Qingxi Yue
    Associate Professor
    Shanghai Jiaotong University
    PR China

    Research Interest: Natural product, traditonal Chinese Medicine, proteomics, cancer, apoptosis, cytotoxicity, Molecular targets, migration/invasion/metastasis, angiogenesis

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    Yue Wang
    Cancer Hospital of China Medical University

    Research Interest: cancer epidemiology and mechanism of colorectal cancer metastasis

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